Missions We Support

At New Hope Lutheran Church, we are deeply committed to extending our love and support beyond the walls of our congregation. Through our mission initiatives, we actively engage in making a positive impact on the world. From local outreach programs addressing community needs to global missions that bring aid and hope to those in distant places, we strive to be a beacon of compassion and service.

Our missions are guided by the core principles of love, justice, and outreach embedded in the Lutheran tradition. Whether it’s supporting local shelters, partnering with international relief organizations, or sending teams on mission trips, we aim to be a force for positive change. Join us in these endeavors as we work together to bring light to the darkest corners, serving as instruments of God’s love in a world that deeply needs it. Together, we can make a difference, one act of kindness and one mission at a time.

Shlomy and Miriam Abramov - Awake Israel

Awake Israel is a Ministry in Israel, founded in the second half of 2009, by Shlomy and Miriam Abramov.

After a 10-year period of serving with a large organization committed to Israel’s salvation, God has called them to begin a pioneer work, which seems only fitting for an Israeli Sabra (a Native Born Israeli) who has dedicated many many years to his Messiah.

Art Cry Mural Ministries

An American artist spent six years painting the epic sized mural of the Bible. It has been painted with love for those who need comfort or inspiration from the magnificent story of God’s redemption for whosoever will receive it.

Laura and Remi Rauh - Church School Service

Laura and Remi Rauh, live in Jerusalem, currently in a suburb north of Jerusalem. They lead a small but important Ministry in Jerusalem. Church School Service was founded around 40 years ago to produce and distribute Christian Literature in Arabic for the Arabic speaking believers in the Land.

Tim and Joann Bauer - YWAM

Called to mentor and equip young missionaries from Africa and Asia to reach the lost of their continents, Tim & JoAnn arrived in Africa in 1979. They have influenced the lives of multitudes of young Africans & Asians to preach the Gospel. Currently they continue their call to Asia as teachers, mentors & counselors at the YWAM Kona Missions Training Center where multitudes of young Asians come annually to be equipped as missionaries. They also travel to Asia to minister and teach.

Carl Wesley Anderson - Born to Blaze Ministries

Carl is the author of LOVE SPEAKS as well as the writer/director/producer of the LOVE SPEAKS series & FROM HISTORY TO HOPE series. He is also the Executive Director of Born To Blaze Ministries which produces and publishes quality and evangelistic content like LOVE SPEAKS in order to impact others, grow others spiritually and advance the kingdom of God.

Dr Steve and Bethany Friberg

Dr. Steve and Bethany Friberg have been serving as missionaries in Tanzania for over 20 years. Theirs is a story about human connectedness and an unyielding faith in God.

Ghiorghi and Christina Cazacu - Gospel Ministries international and Hope for the Family

Ghiorghi and Cristina Cazacu founded Gospel Ministries International and Hope for the Family in 1996. For over two decades God has used them to transform nations through a network of pastors and evangelists who proclaim the Gospel and have planted dozens of churches in three Eastern European nations (Romania, Moldova, and Transnistria).

Ron Kinnear - Africa Missions

Africa Missions was founded in 1994 to strengthen local undeveloped churches. Training leaders is the main focus, along with many other venues, beginning in southern Africa, and now in many countries.
Africa Missions’ founder, president, and Board Member, Ron Kinnear has a heart that beats for evangelism. As a true visionary he leads in many innovative ways to spread the Gospel.

Katherine Christal

Katherine Christal, an ordained minister of the Gospel, has a public ministry sharing the reality of God’s power to change people’s lives.

Diane Brask - Global Seed Planters

Global Seed Planters transforms lives and communities through partnerships that empower local leaders. They support ministry in countries such as China, India, and Uganda by preaching and teaching the gospel, aiding farming and water initiatives, and serving women and girls.

Jake Grass - Mesabi Range Youth for Christ

Mesabi Range Youth for Christ desires to see young people come to know Christ in a real and powerful way. We’ve been a part of the Iron Range community for over 40 years.

Salvation Army (Wisconsin)

Provides meals in school and other assistance for those in need.

Interfaith Caregivers (Burnett County, WI)

Provides firewood and other assistance for those in need.

Grantsburg Food Self (Grantsburg, WI)

Provides food for those in need.

Many other Ministries are also supported through prayer and resources as the need and resources arise.

Vinay and Reena Boda – India
Rob and Ann Ballard – England
Daniel Jimenez – YWAM
Moses Otem – Uganda
Dennis Nelson – US Muslims